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Star Ratings

Big House Holidays Ltd has introduced its own star ratings. These ratings are the culmination of inspections and reflect the personal assessments of our own inspectors in conjunction with the owners of each property. They are as objective as possible and convey a reasonable accuracy of the properties' presentation in terms of equipment, general ambience and comfort.

Our star ratings do not reflect the location of the property. However, the very inclusion of half and one star properties suggests that the property is in a location we really love; but remember our perfect location may not be yours. If you have any question about a property or location do contact us - we know the properties and the area and will be delighted to give you as much information as we can, so that you can make an informed decision as to the best holiday property for you

1 Star Means what we would call 'basic', i.e. it has all the basic necessities but contains little or nothing that is new or smart. However, it may well have charm. A surprising number of people say 'basic' is what they want.

2 Star is better furnished and equipped: often very pleasant, quite attractive and friendly - just a little old fashioned. Or, alternatively, more functional than beautiful.

3 Star good quality and thoroughly efficient, a considerable and successful effort made to make it attractive; well-equipped; almost always fitted kitchens.

4 Star means excellent, 'own home' feeling, good quality, attractive and well furnished and probably (though not necessarily - see individual descriptions) extremely well-equipped; or in some other way special.

5 Star means exceptional. More people say we malign places rather than that we over-rate them.